Reviews of the Best Free Music Download Sites & Legal Mp3 Songs That Rock

Free Songs to Download Onto MP3 Players

Free Songs to Download Onto MP3 Players

Those of you who love music with a passion would hardly want to do your favourite musicians or singers a disservice, would you, so you’d avoid using illegal software to download pirate copies of their tracks, right. Of course. But it is worth knowing that there are totally free and legal ways in which music MP3s are made available online. You just need to know the best sites and how to go about this.

Often record or PR companies for bands will permit their singers or bands tracks to be made available for free on the Internet, it’s good publicity for their clients – free and powerful promotion basically – so in cases such as these everyone wins.

Emusic is one such site that you can use if you want to be assured that the downloads you are receiving are above board and good quality. Issues regarding usage rights, royalties and copyright are dealt with for you – whereas in the cases of some of the free software for download there is no such monitoring and you would very likely end up breaking the law if you use this means to download your favorite music.

If you want to protect, yourself, your favorite musicians and still have an enjoyable listening experience and easy access to millions of legal tracks, sites such as iMesh are well worth bookmarking.

As with other sites there’s a free trial period so you get the chance to see if you like how it works before committing.

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