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eMusic Review

eMusic Review


eMusic is an interesting site that is currently giving away free legal music downloads just for trying out their music service. The current offer allows you to get $10 worth of mp3s which you can play on any mp3 player or device of your choosing.

What I find fascinating about eMusic lies in the fact that they actually allow users to OWN the mp3 files that you give you, while some sites only let you stream a bunch of songs through them. The disadvantage of music streaming sites is pretty obvious.

As I’m sure you already realize, music sites come and go pretty fast these days. If you signed up to a streaming site, you would be mortified to find out that it decided to shut down because you will automatically loose access to all your music. eMusic ensures that you never run into that problem. This music download site gives users access to mp3 files which can be transfered to any music device. So, because this positive attribute we decided to give them a 4.5 star rating.

Another thing worth noting about this company is that they have a gigantic data base of songs that you can easily download. They have a free music trial that will allow you download and own $10 of free music files, which is definitely worth checking out. More details about the trial can be found on their website.