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Amazon MP3 Review

Amazon MP3 Review


The Amazon MP3 service generally offers tracks to users on a pay per download basis, but they have a section on their site that gives away free music downloads to anyone interested in downloading tracks for free. This is a good resource to tap into whenever you are feeling hungry for mp3 files to add into your music library.

I have to advise you that the music listed in this section is not their complete library….you’ll have to pay to download some tracks here my friends:). However, it’s worth noting that Amazon has a gigantic library of popular mp3s that you can download for dirt cheap, if need be. This can useful because it won’t hurt your pockets too bad.

Amazon is also a cool music downloading service because they allow you to transfer mp3 files to your computer and other music players as well. Some music services only allow you to stream music, meaning you never really own the tracks. In other words, they only lease millions of songs to you. Amazon, is different in the sense that you actually own the tracks that you buy from them and you can listen to them on multiple music devices. Feel free to visit the Amazon website to learn more about their services.